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Well, the Mother of South-eastern ½ Ironman's did not disappoint. Macon, Georgia is host to the Rock and Roll man ½ Iron distance triathlon.This race is billed as one of the hardest 1/2 Irons in the country. Every year it seems to get hotter and more humid. This year was no different as the organizer decided to change race date to June 06!! I’ll tell you from personal experience that this is a very hard race that has a bit of everything for the punishment gluttons; hills, heat, more hills, more heat and to top it off, an unshaded run. There are athletes that return to this race every year and there are those that say ”never again”

Dalford England is one of those that returns year after year. This year he has been having some really good races and despite the conditions, he busted out a PR by over 30 minutes! We have been working on his execution (pacing) in regards to Long course racing and I think a combo of attention to that and his durability that he has gained over the last couple of seasons has really propelled him to the forefront.  He had a smooth swim to set up his day, a well paced and tough bike, and when the run came round, it was over 95F!!! (35C)Before the race we went over a run/walk protocol and stuffing ice down the jersey/shorts and under the hat to keep the core cooled off. This seemed to have worked out well for him and he wound up getting a 3rd place overall and 1st age group. Wow is all I can say. Good on ya Dalfreddo!!

June 6

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I know I said I would not talk about myself so sorry about that.

I just had to share what I am up to recently.

So on to athlete updates.

The American Triathlon season is in full swing and the System Jake American contingent is full on at the moment.

Jerry Ackerman made it down to Jekyll Island, Ga. for the Turtle crawl Olympic distance Triathlon. However, two days before the race, he came down with a wicked sinus infection. Being the trooper and hard charger that he is, he toed the line anyway and had a great day coming in a quick 6th place for his age group and snuck into the top 25 overall.

His lovely Wife Laura is famous for starting the season a bit behind; however, she will train herself in to fine form for the last 2/3 of the season after she has lured her competition in to a false sense of security. She turned up to the Iron Girl sprint in Atlanta, Georgia shaking the cobwebs out w/ a good 28th out of 135 in her Age group to get the ball rolling.

June 5

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Well, after what would probably be the best two weeks of my recent life, I tearfully said goodbye to Troy.

I am so proud of him and he is really coming in to his own.

His creativeness and generous heart will reward him for a lifetime.

We will be together once again as we have many more adventures to experience.