F (feeling) By “feeling” fear, you gain many items in your development (whether personal, professional or in your chosen sport) As you become more accustomed to feeling fear, you will become comfortable and confident in formulating a strategy to deal with it. We’ve all experienced fear in many different forms. When you feel fear, it may bring a sense of anxiousness followed by an inability to complete the task at hand. In endurance sport, some of us fear pain. That in turn shuts mechanisms down in our bodies thereby limiting true potential.

E (embrace) Make fear your friend. “Embrace” fear, take fear out for dinner and a drink! By embracing fear, you essentially eliminate the anxiousness stated above. Embracing fear also promotes confidence which leads to GROWTH AND DEVELOPMENT. It’s still healthy to have fear, you just want to work with it in a different manner than what you are accustomed to.

A (awareness and accomplish) By feeling and embracing fear, you become more aware. Becoming aware will in turn enable ACCOMPLISHMENT! Accomplishment can mean both success and non-success as this is part of the learning process.

R (rise) Just like a good recipe that you put together, combining the above three steps will produce something that will nourish your soul and sense of well-being. You RISE, and by rising to the challenge, empowerment happens! Your new found confidence brings better breathing and heaps of new you to unleash on the world!

I hope you have gained something from this. Please post any comments or if you are interested in more info, please email Jake at: systemjake@gmail.com

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