Computrainer Sessions

Want to REALLY obtain cycling fitness? Is it getting old that whenever you are out riding and seem to get into the flow, that you have to slow for a traffic light/stop sign or the occasional obnoxious driver?

Are you aware that a 60 minute training session on a computrainer is equal to approximately 90 minutes cycling outdoors?

It’s been proven time and time again that indoor cycling gives you more bang for the buck!

I’m offering sessions in my private studio on a Racer mate computrainer calibrated to your specific threshold wattage. This will assure improvement in:

1) Aerobic capacity

2) Anaerobic threshold

3) Posture/core strength (on the bike and off)

4) Developing equal leg strength and power application.

5) Mental strengthening (probably the most important)

You bring your own bike, I mount it on the computrainer. Then during the warm-up process, I enter you in my data system. I also enter a course designed to IMPROVE YOUR CYCLING!

I also offer almost any course in the world if you are keen on riding that. This means if you have a triathlon, cycle-sportif, National championship or any other cycle event that you are training for (and subsequently must travel to), I can load that course up and you will be able to train without the hassles of traveling there!

Jake’s menu:

A) Computrainer 1 hour session: $25.00 (requires booking)

B) Custom Coached plan 10 week program. This will include a threshold test to establish your current fitness and sessions developed to INCREASE PERFORMANCE! (2 sessions per week) $275.00

C) Course simulation (price based on length of course)

D) Jake’s famous “brick” session. This is best if your training for a particular triathlon. I implement the bike course needed, then a run off the bike. (price based on event)

Jake’s training.

Your custom written plan takes into account my years of experience and education working with ALL levels of athletes. I consider life stressors (work, family, crabby boss), time available, goals, etc. I then CRAFT a plan which will accomplish your goal(s) I provide objective feedback and protocol to achieve progression. Being a strong proponent of functional strength work, I also assess your past athletic and injury (if any) history and provide a custom strength regime that will bulletproof your