Jake’s big 5 foodie tips
You wouldn’t put low octane petrol or water in a Formula one race machine. So why would
your body be any different? Some people spend more time and energy on what to watch on
television than they do sorting what to put in their bodies. Nutrition is the TRUE performance
enhancer and when you get it dialed in, the benefits are so noticeable, you will wonder why
you did not employ this protocol earlier.
I’m not a vegetarian, but am 85% ingesting a plant based diet. As I’ve gotten older, I am
stronger, faster and more injury resistant than ever in my life! I also am a firm believer in
juicing your own veggies whenever possible. Here it comes, you ready? But Jake, it takes too
much time and 4 eva to clean the juicer. I have two words for this: No and NO! The benefits
outweigh any negative thought patterns and developing a plan of attack to address this will
make the juice taste that much better!
Green is green. Think of green vegetables as money. When you save money, wealth
accumulates. Same with your body, when you start to “accumulate” a savings account in your
system, HEALTH ACCUMULATES! The scientific evidence, reduced rates of disease and all the
other added benefits of a plant based diet can’t be dismissed. Do I crave the occasional Bison
burger and fries? Of course I do! I then get to a good burger bar and order away without guilt
or fear of negative side effects.
I’ve compiled this list to bring advancement to not only your athletic endeavors, but your
overall life as well. I also included a “timing” protocol which insures the most bang for your
Lemon: Upon waking, your body has just spent the night recovering and eliminating
toxins. It also needs hydration as you’ve just lost water through breathing (check this)
for the last 6 to 9 hours. Lemon starts the rehydration, and toxin cleaning process and
gets the digestive system in order. Squeeze ½ to a full Lemon in a glass of water, drink,
refill glass with plain water and drink that. It may seem like a lot, but your body needs it!
Be sure to wait 20 to 30 minutes before coffee or food intake.
All veggies and fruits!! The more the better. Keep as much as possible organic and the
rawer (is that a word?) the better! Wanna really obtain copious amounts of veggies?
Juice them! It’s easier than you think. After a week or three of juicing, you will notice a
HUGE difference in energy, bowel movements and recovery. Think about it this way;
how much is your health worth?
Spirulina: This beautiful Blue/Green algae promotes wellness in too many ways for me
to list, so here’s a good link: (try to stay organic with this)
Organic coffee: Coffee is the 3
highest pesticide and herbicide sprayed crop in the
WORLD! As with anything organic, the least amount of outside interference, the better.
Benefits of coffee consumption include: High anti-oxidants, fat burning (if done right)
Want more reasons? Read on https://authoritynutrition.com/top-13-evidence-based-
For the meaties out there: Wild salmon and sardines! An excellent source of omega-3
essential fatty acids, which are sorely deficient in the average American’s diet. Omega-3
fats boost heart health by creating more elastic blood vessels and improve nervous
system functioning. Also, the safest fish to eat in terms of mercury content. Make sure
you buy wild caught!
Thanks for reading!!