Junior/Youth development

Youth are the future of this sport.

One of my main objectives in my Coaching practice is to turn on the youth to swimming, cycling, running, and /or mountain biking as a physical and mental expression. I want to insure the above sports continue and one of the best methods I know of is to involve and teach kids from 6 to 18 years of age.

I think one of the core aspects missing in youth athletics is incorporating sound mechanics and strengthening of growing tendons and muscles. This is necessary in order to avoid injury as well as insuring a better overall performance and above all, HAVING FUN!

Too many Coaches in other sports just start going through what they have themselves have known since they were in Sport or what they have been doing year after year for a long time. This may work to a certain degree, but then they get frustrated because they do not know what to do when the performance is not what they nor the athlete seeks. This will lead to a lot of frustration, tempers flaring and eventually burnout or injury.

However, new methods of mental and physical conditioning will insure a sound mind and sound body. I have studied (and still do) youth sport psychology and I believe a more confident, determined and focused youth will prepare them for the upcoming ups and downs that life gives us. The work still needs to be done, but in a slightly different manner. I also incorporate body weight exercises and drills to challenge and grow the propioceptive system.

Face it, Kid’s love movement. What did you do as a child when you got home from school? You chucked the books (or did a quick round of homework) and then bolted outside straight away. In these times of fast food and electronic media, this generation is not only the most obese,but statistically heading towards a life of depression, anxiety, and a heap of other health issues.

But not to fear, there is an alternative and it’s called activity!! There is so much a young person can learn from participating in any one or all of triathlon’s disciplines…




Confidence, high self esteem, and making and achieving goals are just a few. This in turn will make a calmer, less stressful and happier person. Research has suggested that exercise can help ease some common mental illnesses such as anxiety and depression. The young person learns about gaining insight in to their own abilities and what they can attain through consistent work.

All this is great, but the underlying importance adding to the above benefits is making mates along the journey. Friends that will possibly be friends for life. And even though this is an individual effort, the “team” that helps you get there give a sense of belonging.

I am in process of starting and building up a Jr. program here in the Costa Mesa area. This will include a training /skill session or two after school as well as periodic (mini Tri’s) on the weekend. Those wishing to progress farther will be offered that opportunity.

As this is in the building phase, I would encourage all interested parents check back on this website or contact me at 949-310-7400 Thanks!!