Mission Statement

“To embrace, educate, and empower the individual to reach the unknown beyond expectations”

I take my coaching seriously. This means that your time and money are important and what I deliver is real world planning based on my experience and education. Each person has such a different lifestyle and stressors compared to the next. Each bout of training I write is custom tailored to your specific and unique lifestyle and goals. Not the latest article out of Cosmo magazine.

I research, talk, attend continuing education, train, race, and analyze to insure you are getting the most up to date no-nonsense data. From the latest piece of equipment to what and when to put food in your stomach to when you need to be extra good to your spouse for those times when you will need their support later. I provide structure and direction to help you meet your goals.

My Philosophy to become a great Coach is to engage and integrate the person as a complete and whole. Meaning I cover everything including mind wellness (mental techniques), nutrition, and attention to detail. This “System” ensures the lead up to ones goals a positive experience which facilitates a great journey! Putting the athlete at a mental ease contributes to putting the puzzle together which builds a beautiful piece of art.

I also firmly believe in building the athlete from “the ground up” which means I promote proper technique, core strengthening, body weight resistance work, good recovery and above all, sound propioceptive training which will result in fewer injuries and sound body and mind.

Thank you for reading.