Jake is unique. He has a magical formula to get the best out of people in their quest to achieve athletics goals. How does it work? I’m not sure, but it does! Jake has taken my son Blake from being a handy swimmer to a highly successful triathlete who has won many age group races.  I have now jumped on the bandwagon and joined the System Jake crew. Jake’s winning formula includes a comprehensive approach to coaching that allows athletes to overcome limiting beliefs.  This is the key to achieving goals that were once thought unachievable. Call Jake for a chat today, you will exceed your goal in no time.

Michael Penhey

Jake has coached me for the past 4 years and mentored me as a coach the past 2. Jake has changed my life as an athlete, coach, individual and as a mother. When I first met Jake I was facing back surgery, in time he helped me to avoid surgery, rehab and to achieve things in this sport I thought unimaginable. His knowledge & passion about triathlon, nutrition, mental strengthening is second to none. Jake has also coached my son teaching him to ride a bike, and with his swim & run technique. You will not find a more humble, passionate, knowledgeable, giving and supportive coach/person.

Thank you!                                                     Sara Crean

I started working with Jake over 2 years ago when I decided to take Triathlon more seriously. Jake was first recommended to me by a friend in the triathlon community and again by a swim coach on the North Coast. I was impressed by Jake’s individualized and goal orientated approach to triathlon coaching. He not only developed a program specifically tailored to my needs, abilities and goals but also worked closely with his squad. He also specialises in one-on-one sessions for you to address limiters and propel you forward to meet your goals. In less than two years with Jake I went from competing in my 1st Olympic Distance Triathlon to being on the start line at Kona racing at the Ironman World Championships. Jake’s client-centered approach allowed me to develop both physically and mentally as an age-group athlete in order to compete at the highest level possible. Jake instilled me with self-confidence and self-belief in my abilities which allowed me to achieve great results. Jake has excess knowledge in all areas of triathlon as well as nutrition, psychology and the human body. Jake has provided me with an indepth understanding of my body and its capabilities as well as ways to push the boundaries and achieve results. Jake’s detail to injury prevention in my program allowed me to maximize my training whilst protecting and strengthening my body in order to avoid injury during my training for Ironman. I would recommend Systemjake Multisport Coaching to any athlete whether you are looking to have some fun, develop new skills as an age-grouper, or race as an elite athlete. Jake caters for all athletes.

Brooke Colby

I sought Jake’s advice on running technique to assist me in my final weeks of training for my first marathon. I thought I would have a few training sessions and leave it at that. What I got was a complete package of personal skill development at individual and group sessions, a training plan tailored to my requirements, exercise program, advice on injury prevention and recovery, advice on training equipment, nutrition information, pre-race warm up plan, mental preparation, race strategies including pacing and fuelling, post race recovery. It worked and I achieved my goal – Jake was there to share in the moment and after race burger. But that wasn’t the end of it. Over the following 12 months with System Jake supporting me all the way I was to do another two marathons, a half marathon, City2 Sea, City2Surf, City2South and many local races from 5km to 30km achieving personal best times and some age group podium finishes, plus sprint and olympic distance triathlon events. I am still with Jake and he continues to support me all the way including actually running with me in the City2Surf. Through System Jake I have met some incredible people I now regard as friends, highly motivated and skilled athletes, who have achieved enormous amounts amidst busy life schedules all with Jake’s assistance. So whether you are a talented junior, an experienced triathlete or an ageing jogger like me, if you are seeking to improve your swim, bike and or run I would strongly recommend taking that first step of a cup of coffee, or a green juice, with Jake.

John Wickham (Boston Marathon 2017)

My goal was to qualify and complete in Spain for the 2012 ITU world long course championships in June of 2012. I started working with Jake eight months out to improve my swim and be more efficient on the bike so that I could get off and run strong. After an initial assessment and discussion around my current level, race history and lifestyle, Jake developed a tailored programme. He would review on a weekly- fortnight basis modifying as necessary to suit gains and also challenges with balancing life. His knowledge and comprehensive advice around utilising power as a training and racing guide, stoke correction, analysis of training data and nutrition guidance in common race conditions helped get prepared mentally and physical for the tough conditions in Vitoria earlier this year. I have learnt a great deal over the time I worked with Jake and am a stronger and faster athlete for it.


I have being training with system Jake for the past 8 months and would like to express my gratitude to both Jake Brindle and the other athletes training with System Jake. I was introduced to Jake after sustaining a stress fracture to my pelvis while training for a marathon using an online training program.I was very unfit, weak and afraid to run long distances when I met up with Jake. He designed me a well structured program that enabled me to gain back my fitness and my desire to run long distances again. Jake changed my whole running style which has enabled me to gain speed, endurance and think differently about the whole running process.I would like to thank Jake for not only helping me gain my confidence and skills with running but he also introduced me to cycling as part of my fitness recovery. I am excited to say I now include cycling in my training program and greatly enjoy it. I have thoroughly enjoyed training with Jake due to his ability to be there for his customers at anytime and be flexible with each individuals needs. It makes such a difference to train with a coach in person and be around other people as motivated and friendly as the athletes that train with System Jake.I am very thankful to Jake and highly recommend him to any person at any level who is interested in training for running, cycling or swimming. I think you will find you can achieve your goals and more when you have the right coaching approach.Thank you for all your great advice Jake.

Kim Herbert

“I’ve been training and racing triathlon for 10 years and I’ve relied on either the latest tri mag or internet wisdom to self-coach. In 2011 I made the Australian long course team and I realized that I needed some solid assistance – and expert advice – in order to reach the next level. After a fairly intensive consultation with Jake, where he analyzed my training data, critiqued my swim/bike/run technique and sought to better understand what [de]motivates me, I commenced training with System Jake Multi-sport. Not only have I benefited through improved race results, but I’ve also learned a lot as a result of Jake’s knowledge, patience and willingness to tailor my program so that I can maximize my time without neglecting my friends and/or family”


In 2010 I swam 150kms around Jeju Island, South Korea, to raise environmental awareness about the sea (www.thejejubigswim.blogspot.com). This project, “The Jeju Big Swim”, has now become a yearly event offering everyone the opportunity to swim for the environment. This year i participated in Jeju Big Swim 2011 by swimming 10kms with 2 other swimmers. In the lead up to the swim Jake worked with me to improve my stroke. He also helped me improve my efficiency and time. For anyone wanting to improve the way they swim in the sea Jake is the one to help you.

Sherrin Hibbard; Je Ju Big swim

Wanted to pass on my thanks for the training we have done together so far. You kept it interesting, personalised, and varied, all focused on quality rather than quantity. In the last 9 months it has helped place me from the tail of casual group rides, to giving me the courage to compete in club and regional races and be competitive. Would not have got there or dreamed to get further without your expert knowledge on cycling training, cross training, techniques and nutrition. Thanks again, and looking forward to what this season brings.


System Jake provided me with valuable insight and expertise in training with power, nutrition, and running technique. I particularly note training with power on the bike. Cycling seems to be all about power meters at the moment and to really get the best from these shiny new toys you need a coach who understands the nuances of power. Jake has been working with power meters since the early days and really helped me understand training with power and reap the benefits. I would also note nutrition, getting nutrition right when racing long course triathlon is something that’s very hard to get right as it’s so specific to the individual, there is also a vast quantity of contradicting information on the subject on the internet e.g. protein during a race or not? The debate continues… Jake did a great job feeding me useful data meaning I know have a good idea of what works under normal conditions when racing IM. Having been coached by Jake I am without doubt a faster more knowledgeable athlete.

Nathan Dunkley 2011 Ultimate Tri series winner

It all started in 2009 when my wife came home and told me she signed up for a triathlon clinic with Jake. She asked if I had any interest in competing and at the time I was not interested. I had not participated in any sporting competition for 20+yrs (high school swim team) but as she trained with Jake I started to grow interested in the opportunity to compete again. A month or so before the triathlon she signed up for I made the decision to sign up myself. So with a month of training myself I completed my first triathlon. By the way, I did horrible, but was immediately addicted to the sport of triathlon. I later sat down for coffee with Jake, discussed my goals, and hired him as my coach. After competing so bad in my first race (coaching myself) my goal was to start placing in my age group. I feel that without Jake my goal would have taken me years instead of months. Now that I met my first goal for year one my next goal was to compete in a 70.3 which Jake did an awesome job getting me across the finish line. Unfortunately I did not reach my time goal of 5 hours (only off by 5min) but I did learn a valuable lesson and that is to “trust your coach, stick to the plan”. Jake customized my training plan to work around my busy travel schedule and consistently provided motivating feedback on my workouts. He is very knowledgeable with the anatomy and physiology of athletes and how to train to prevent injuries. We all know that injuries can occur even with the best of training plans but when they did Jake was able to diagnose and come up with ways to advance the healing without missing key workouts. I highly recommend Jake as a multisport coach.