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Jake : Multisport Coach

The simple version: I have enjoyed and competed in all types of sports since childhood. Back in the late 80′s, I was in the Navy stationed in Sicily and had an opportunity to ride for Sicily’s No.1 amateur team.

Since then, I have won, placed, and showed in overseas events, State Championships and numerous regional events. Four years ago, I came back to Triathlon after a twenty year hiatus and have had a great time training and competing placing high in Age group competitions.

My coaching began “unofficially” when I began working with some of the local athletes, including past team-mates about 7 years ago. It was then I realised I would like to consider this for my future career. Five years ago, I became certified through USA cycling as an elite (level two) coach.Four years ago I became a USA triathlon Coach and am now a triathlon Australia level two Coach and pending level two Cycling Australia coach (Whew!!).

Bottom line is that you can have all these little acronyms to put next to your name, but if you don’t have the passion and the knowledge through continuing education they don’t matter.
Jake works with juniors to elite athletes, he can develop you in the three disciplines of triathlon, educate you in nutrition, both physical and mental strengthening and conditioning.
Jake would love to hear from you call him on 0437 188 443.