Training Plans

Training Plans And Pricing

Hey, I know there are heaps of online training plans out there. Talk is cheap. Here is the question you’ll need to answer: Are you able to confer with a real person if you have a question? What about when you’re really knackered (or feeling really good) and have a question for some adjustment? Injury? Nutrition? Someone to look at you while your working out? You get the idea. I provide “one” type of plan and that’s YOUR PLAN! If you are looking for some other options, please scroll down and check it out!

Custom plan: (discounts for Juniors)

 $300.00 per month (with a 6 month commitment) Assessment fee of $100.00 is waived                                   

  • Included: Initial goal and/or event plan of attack
  • Unlimited contact with me (text/email/phone chats/face to face)
  • Heart rate and Power/Stryd/run pacing analysis (and unlimited adjustments) on Training Peaks software
  • Race planning and post-race reviews
  • Physical assessment and custom functional strength work based on results
  • Access to System Jake group workouts
  • One to one training (1 to 2x per month) determined by athlete’s needs and location
  • Nutritional Education: food log kept and adjusted as needed

Additional Services:

Consultation Coaching: Already have a plan? Need some objective analysis of your current training/state of life? I provide online chats and Zoom/Skype/facetime sessions locally and around the world.

Mindfulness: Everything (especially in endurance sport) starts in the head. My education and experience in combining modern-day brain science with old skool Eastern meditation techniques deliver you to your destination calm, empowered, and HAPPY!

Nutrition: My belief is it will be extremely difficult to attain any forward progress without becoming mindful of what you put in your body. There’s just too much peer-reviewed science out there to dispel the benefits of a plant-based diet. Am I asking you to become a full raw Vegan? No, but I can help you alter your diet to gain more mental and physical clarity.

Form/Technique Training: The best way to gain efficiency in your discipline hands down is technique. By incorporating the technique into your training regimes, the neural pathways become ingrained with optimal movement patterns which directly increases efficiency! Jake provides analysis and adjustments to your mental and physical body which ultimately leads to performance gains!

Strength/Mobility Training: Incorporating balance and bodyweight training will SKYROCKET your current fitness and add to your choice of endurance sport. You can go on Youtube and just be confused as to what would work for you. Alternatively, Jake can go through a “limiter analysis” (I don’t use the word weakness) and then go through with you the movements that will further your progression. The “System” I use incorporates Strength before length, meaning before you start to increase distance, speed, etc. you want to make sure muscles, ligaments, and tendons are prepped for the stress.
Yes, weights in the gym help also, and I don’t discount them, but there are a place and time for them. Ask yourself this: “When was the last time I was riding hard up a hill and then had to lay on a bench and stay in a fixated position while lifting iron off my chest?”

Open Water Swimming (OWS): Wow, talk about FEAR! This can be such an enormous barrier for not only new swimmers/triathletes but seasoned ones as well. Making the “connection” from stroke/core to stroke/core will eventually eliminate the dependency on wetsuits, floatation aids, etc. The result? When event day arrives and if it wetsuit legal, you’re in for an added treat! I work with the person on sighting, accelerations, stroke rate, etc.

Cycling Skills: When we were children, riding a bike seemed so easy and fun. Fast forward 20+ years and getting back on the bike can be intimidating. I hold personalized cycling skills sessions that boost the 4 “C’s” Confidence, core engagement, cornering, and conditioning. I also can teach you to become a better climber and descender. These skills when combined with the physical training component arms you with the skills to become a better rider on the road, dirt, and in the pack!

Pricing for any of the above individual sessions is $80.00 per hour. If you purchase a training plan, you will receive a 15% discount.


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