Health & Wellness Coaching

Health and Wellness Coaching

Connected but not connecting…
Jake offers a complete system to progress your life in a positive and holistic manner. I have helped many people identify limiters and have formulated a customized strategy to overcome challenges they perceived as impossible!

The complexities that modern-day living (in the name of using technology to make life “simpler”) has not only created a morbidly obese society, but an overstressed one as well resulting in fatigue, depression, and a host of other emotional, mental and physical maladies.

My background in helping others spans over 25 years and has enabled not the only progression in my own personal and emotional growth, but fueled a passion to assist others. I’m also a huge proponent of lifelong learning and continuing education. I not only read, ingest and decipher the latest studies, seek mentors, etc. I also attend education workshops given by some of the world’s top movers and shakers! As an accredited coach, I’m obligated to keep up to date to progress in my field. The last 10 to 15 years have opened phenomenal methods to access deep areas of the brain to address situations instead of taking medication. Below are just some of the ways I can help

•      Emotional Wellbeing: We all must fight the monsters in our lives. I provide the methods and weapons to not only stand up to them but embrace and breakthrough to the other side.

•      Nutritional re-education: The gut is the 2nd brain. Eating well is not only a pleasurable experience emotionally, but obviously provides hundreds of physical advantages as well. Unfortunately, a huge amount of the population today is either obese or on their way. I provide my own sound and proven methods to incorporate nutritional “re-distribution” to complement the other emotional and physical changes you will be going through.

•      The Physical: In combination with the above two items, I provide the “cherry on the top” with a customized exercise program. Want to run that 5km run you see advertised every year? Maybe you want to lose weight and get tone? Cycle across America? Tackle a sprint distance (or Ironman) triathlon?  Whatever your flavor, I have proven results in educating others to realize their aspirations!

•      Workplace Health and Well-Being Education: There is growing evidence that providing health and wellness education to company employees not only make for happier co-workers, but increases production, lowers insurance rates, and cuts back on sick days. I can come into your place of work conduct a survey, provide education, and then implement a protocol for ongoing methods that will enhance everyone’s state of well-being!

Let me educate you and start a new journey to true wealth through health!


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