Success Stories

Success Stories

I’m happy to share my recommendation for Jake Brindle. I reached out to Jake in mid 2019 at a time when I was depleted, stressed out and wanting to feel more in control of my health. During my first meeting with Jake, he asked a lot of questions and he really listened to me. He then created a program especially for me that included not only a physical routine, but also a mental routine to help with my stress. Jake has a very caring demeanor and truly gives his clients 100% heart and soul. You can’t go wrong with Jake!

Carolyne Canady

I have been working with Jake for a couple of years, and he has helped me develop as a cyclist.

1. He helped me setup a training schedule that I can follow using weights/bands/core/etc
2. He helped me change my diet, so I now eat healthier (which makes me faster on the bike) and with the appropriate vitamins/protein
3. He got me to setup indoor trainer, with appropriate training routines
4. He re-fitted me on my old bike, along with assisting me in selecting and setup on my new bike
5. He got me to join the local cycling club, where I have worked my way up to the “fast group”
6. As a result, now I can set goals to be in the top 20 for the year on various Strava segments, and sometimes even in the top 20 All-Time on various Strava segments. After all, the reason we are hiring a cycling coach is go-faster!
7. I can document my progress with video, as I run front and rear GoPros on my bike. More cycling videos with data overlay click here.
8. And, I’m doing all this at the age of 61, duking it out with the younger riders on Strava and group rides!

Doug Hayashi

"Jake will make you fast!"

I started working with Jake in my preparation for BC bike Race 2019.
I Jake and I reviewed my goals, my current fitness, and together formulated a plan for success.

I decided to work with Jake because I was impressed by his knowledge, and his holistic approach to fitness and wellness.
I was important to me to work with somebody local who can spend time with me in person (vs. online).

After a successful BCBR I continued training with Jake. I currently don't have any big races on my plan. I view our collaboration as an investment in myself.

Sharone Levy

"I’m new to cycling so I didn’t know a whole lot about bikes. I bought a road bike however it didn’t really fit my tall body type. Thats when I reached out to Jake. Jake took the time to get to know me and did everything he could to make my bike comfortable for me to ride. My bike fitting took about an hour and half and fits me so much better now. Jake was extremely professional and knows everything there is on bike fitting and technique. So if you are looking for a bike fitting or have general questions regarding cycling, Jake is your guy!"

Blake Wohlgemuth

Jake has helped me tremendously with fear of trying new things by being very patient but persistent. When I met him, I was getting over a fractured metatarsal from running. I was very interested in doing a triathlon, but thought I would never be able to run again. Never owned a road bike or swam in open ocean (barely swam 25 meters without getting winded in a pool), he helped me achieve my goals. Not only does he put together an injury-free training plan, but is very knowledgeable about Diet and nutrition too.

Lolo d

Jake is the super coach. Get on board now, stay committed, follow the plan, and enjoy the benefits.
Jake will guide you through technique, motivation, and healthy living so you can perform well come race day.
I have been training under Jake's guidance for over 6 years now. (the first 2 years when he was in Australia and the last 4 online)
So far I have completed 10 marathons, 10 half marathons, numerous other distances, and 18 competition triathlons.
I could not have done this without Jake on my shoulder all the way, even though I am in Australia.

John Wickham


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